Sévigné's warehouse (HO)

This is a superb warehouse of free inspiration. It is a space-saving model, with very thin cladding and an interior track capable of accommodating a large wagon. An ideal kit, very easy to assemble, and with the parts already painted!


Reference: MNF-HO-FID20

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67,00€ inc. tax



  • Cardboard-made, laser-cut kit (to be glued)
  • Set of laser-cut cardboard sheets
  • Instructions by means of many color photos (PDF format)
  • Dimensions model built : 13,77 x 3,54 x 4,33"
  • Lenght of the covered track : 10,82"
  • HO scale
  • Frenchmade


mnfhofid20.pdf (french)

Size: 5.49 MB



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