Means of payment

We accept different payment methods. These are considered received as soon as the buyer's money is paid into the bank account of the company Minifer. The reception may take several hours to see several days. Only accepts payment methods below :


  • Credit Card : payment by Credit Card is secured by Stripe
  • Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay : these payments are made via a bank terminal, are secured by Paypal, and are only accepted at the exhibitions.
  • Cash : they must be in euros and are only accepted on the exhibitions.
  • Check : it must be made out in euros to the company "MINIFER" and must come from a French bank.
  • SEPA transfers : they require your bank account number. The operation takes 4 to 5 days.
  • Paypal : fast, flexible and secure. It requires a Paypal account.
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