Terms of Sales

1 - Prices


Displayed prices are fixed and include all taxes (TTC). Shipping costs are extra unless otherwise stated. Billing is in net prices for France and abroad. Minifer is not subject to VAT under Article 293b of the General Code of French Taxes. Minifer reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice.


2 - Payment


 Payment is considered received as soon as the money is paid by the buyer to the bank account of the company Minifer. The reception may take several hours to see several days. Only accepts payment methods below : 

Blue Card: the payment is made via the PayPal platform, but it is not necessary to have a Paypal account.

Paypal : fast, flexible and secure. It requires a Paypal account.

Cash : they must be in euros and are only accepted on the exhibitions.


3 - Shipping format


Orders are shipped in bubble envelopes or cardboard packages. The protection is optimal, and depending on the type of shipment it may be covered by insurance.


4 - Shipping cost


Shipping costs are mentioned in the payment of your order. They vary according to the quantity and weight of the purchased models.


5 - Shipping and Delivery times


Shipping times correspond to the time required to prepare and transfer the order with a shipping company. These deadlines are two business days (48 hours). They can however be longer depending on the workload of the Minifer business.

Delivery times correspond to the time required for shipping company to deliver the order (envelope or package). These times are 3 to 4 working days; they can vary according to workload of the shipping company and / or force majeure such as strikes, sabotage, accidents, fires, extreme weather events, war, terrorism, etc. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays including New Year celebrations are not included in the estimated shipping time, and may cause significant delays in delivery. Minifer is not responsible for the change in delivery time.


6 - State of the package at the reception


Minifer ensures optimum protection of the order. However, if the receiving the parcel has significant damage as deep tears, sunken corners, folded or open packages, etc., the customer is entitled to refuse. Although the company Minifer is not responsible for this degradation, the customer must report to it immediately, and follow the procedure relating to this case as defined by the shipping company (finding of spoliation or damage).


7 - Cancellation of the order


The cancellation of an order is possible within three business days after payment. The request must be sent by e-mail or mail. If the order has already been shipped, the cancellation is not possible.


8 - Return an item


A purchase will ultimately not suit your expectations can be reversed as a credit. Minifer does not repay its products. The item must be received within 14 days from the day of receipt, in its condition and original packaging. Shipping costs are your responsibility and will not be recoverable.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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