Assemble the kits

How to glue and paint the kits?

Composed mainly of cardboard, Minifer's kits are assembled with wood glue; a few drops are enough! But beware, it is strongly recommended to paint the kits BEFORE gluing them!

The glue is applied simply with a toothpick or a wooden skewer, the latter two being found in supermarkets.

For better results and ease of application, we recommend that you put wood glue in a smaller container than the original one, and add a little water to it. You must get a glue that is quite liquid (not too much either!) This so that it does not dry too quickly.

How and with what to paint the kits?

Depending on the kit you have chosen, some parts are already tinted, while others are to be painted in the color you want. It is strongly recommended to paint the kits BEFORE gluing them. For this, the tamponade technique is the most appropriate.

The dabbing technique

Very simply, all you have to do is put a little paint on a foam sponge and then apply a few applications on the surface to be painted. First, dab quickly in order to spread the paint well, then in a second step, dab gently and pressing more gently.

Foam sponge are distributed in creative art and beauty stores. They can also be found in some DIY stores, sometimes even in old sofas or car seats.

Recommended paints

Minifer recommends Liquitex "Basics" or Amsterdam "Standard Series" acrylic paints, as well as "Extra-fine" Gouaches. These brands are distributed in creative art stores and on the internet.

In order to guide you in the choice, paint suggestions adapted to the kit are mentioned in each assembly instructions.

Do not hesitate to contact us at for any further information.

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